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Overview of the new TVs made in 2014

Overview of the new TVs made in 2014

In 2014, the world's leading TV manufacturers introduced a wide range of new products.

This year the focus is on an even more high-quality images and sound, adding new features and design of the television technology. Particular attention should be given to several models from companies such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Philips.
Samsung UHD TV
In April 2014 appeared a new model of Samsung company which has opened an entirely new era of technology. This innovative model has a curved display with a bending radius of 4.2 m, so that the peripheral vision activates while watching. Moreover the picture vividness is so high that you gain a feeling of total immersion. Manufacturer emphasizes the potential customers that these TVs are fully compatible with both existing and future broadcast standards. At present the Russian consumer has the opportunity to place a pre-order for UHD TV model. This can be done on the company's website and in retail stores.This year, Sony has released a new line of BRAVIA 2014 TVs. It's no secret that along with improved image quality due to the screen thickness reduction, there is deterioration in sound quality. This is because less and less space remains to place the speakers. However, Sony developers have solved this problem by using a special power dynamic Long Duct. So that the BRAVIA model range, especially W95, may please the consumer with the highest quality sound. Also W95 LCD TVs have Full HD screen, excellent color reproduction and image quality.
Panasonic AX800
In 2014, Panasonic introduced a new TVs model range, among which are AX800 models that deserve special attention. LCD TVs in this model range have a resolution of 4K Ultra HD at 60 Hz. Developers have used here the ‘Life + Screen’ menu and ‘My Stream’ function, thanks to which the analysis of the user’s personal preferences takes place. A very high image quality and advanced design of these models should not go without mention.
In the AX800 series represented two diagonals - 58 and 65 inches.

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